Poems by Otteri Selvakumar

Poems by Otteri Selvakumar
What a Love
Put on the envelope
With your heart words
Posted With me
Wait for my love words
This is not false
only understanding
for love….
My dear funny
did you understand?
for my love…
if you don’t like
i am not worry
about the big world
i will catch another one
be better
dear funny…
Rain Song
Old pond
Tell about
New stores
For green frog
Open eyes
To jump with jump
Green frog
Watching the sky
Sky also so dry
Green frog
Sound with singing
About rain song
What a life?
Question was
Coming up
Green frog
Inner mind
Just now
Yes just now..
Just words
You are moon
i’m a sun
you cool
i’m hot
you night
i’m day
no time
i’m with you
you with me
so …what?
I love you
you love me
just for words
Only words….

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