Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad


A Poet of the world in a world of the Poet!

Who is this comely cavalier coming from that thought drink?
Why his garments stained in bleeding black and colored ink?
Who might be this horse rider robed in paper, silk and parchment?
How fast is he surging forward in the glittering of word mount?

See his stallion performing the heroics of ancient iamb, trochee and anapest!
What dactyls, spondee, pyrrhic, paean, tetrabrach, dispondee and epitrite it exhibit!
What cadence, what rhythm, what tones of level, rising, departing and entering!
Hark! Behold its isochrony, intonation, syllable stress, mora and tonal changing!

Ha ha! Harken its soul stirring sweet strophe, antistrophe and epode!
What a figure, what a speech of neigh and irony, what a metaphorical similitude!

Behold! The horse rider in divine white linen is a faithful and a true gentleman!
Amuses muses he with his anachronisms, and famous for onomatopoeic sermon!
He owns the world of words and horde of adjectives and phonaesthetics a ton!
He is clothed with vesture dipped in pun and his name is called the word of man!

The rider and his horse cross the dead valley with a huge army of scribes and scribblers,
They fight the false prophets and the beast of corruption with words and letters!
Out of the rider’s mouth go sharp words that smite the illiteracy of the nations at a go!
He put the ills of the worlds to his words of swords, and promises peace and prosperity glow!

Let the evils rushed out of the Pandora’s jar returned into it and close the lid tight of sinew,
Let his pen speak and shine blunting the edges of the war swords and refine the PEACE anew!



The white dove -she is red with rage
A wing clip for the Old Lady


They are the shallow men
They are the fat men
Feasting together
Heads filled with money and greed. Alas!
Their grave noises, when
They yawn and whimper together
All the winds get smothered rather
Are quiet noisy and feelingless
As cockroach feat on atomic grass
Or ravens’ feet over missile glass
In their concrete cellar

They count countries without form, they count bodies without colour,
Paralysed lives they like, without motion they can strike;

Syria or deserts of Arabia what’s in a name,
Or anywhere borders fight with human phobia and game,
Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death’s other domain
Remember her-if at all-
in dreams
These shallow bodies
These bullet eaters
These dead men


In death’s nightmare kingdom
Do not appear this train
There, the eyes are red phosphorscent
Like the eyes of wolves in hungry night
Moonlight on a clouded column
There, a few missiles sing
The song of peace
The tree of violence is illuminated
With a few heads of prophets
On a platter
Salome dances with seven veils
A child looks at the sky carrying a cross
And voices are ultramodernised
winds sing Sarine-phosgene duets
More distant and more clear
a fading star shoots the moon
Spring dies in deadly winter
Stars drown in their own sorrows

Let me be no nearer to Babylon
I like the wailing walls
To be extended everywhere
On those crimson borders
Where sulfur and ash play together
In death’s nightmare kingdom
Let me also swear
Such deliberate curses
Bat’s teeth, wolfskin, crossed staves
Dracula and werewolves in a field party
Bemoaning as the wind bemoans
Very nearer-

Not that final meeting
In the twilight sleep
Teeth marks on jugulars
Demons on prowl
Flies on blood
Nocturnal owl
Death’s hoot


This is the dread sand
This is cactus band
Here the life mirages
Are raised on hot dunes, here they receive scorpion stings
The dead man’s hand points towards the unidentified flying objects.
Under the twinkle of a fading canon!

Is it like this walk of zombies
In annual peace meetings
Obese countries preach weight reduction
Those who ride on hungry wolves
count the ribs of passing minutes
Search for early salvation

In death’s other domain
Walking alone
At the dark hour when they are
Trembling with cold terror
Pale lips that would kiss
Deadmen that tried to emigrate
Form prayers to epitaphs.


The heart is frozen sick
The mind is corrupted quick
The eyes are in ice
There are no ears here
The tongue is loose and sugar coated
In this trolly of wounded morals
In this shallow rally
You shoot innocent children
This broken jaw of our lost wisdom

In this list of dark places
We blind ourselves to grope together
And avoid speech of mutual trust
Let us clutter this beach of the timid river

Lightless, unless
The peace reappear
War lives on
As the perpetual scar
Multifoliate wounds bleed
Of death’s twilight domain
They hope only
Of empty men.
Skeletons they believe
Head count
One gun each
To kill


Here we go round the atomic fare
Neutron bear stealth war scare
Here we go round the deathware
At midnight and in the morning gear

Between the theory
And the practical
Between the notion
And the emotion
Falls the Shade of death
For Thine is the gun

Between the contraception
And the conception
Between the promotion
And the slow motion
Falls the Shadow of elation
Life is very short

Between the pleasure
And the measure
Between the spasm
And the convulsion
Between the bullet
And the body
Falls the existence
For Thine is the life

For Thine is the body
Body with life spirit needs love
For Thine is the spirit

This is the way the life ends
This is the way the life ends
This is the way the life ends
Not with hate but with love.
Not with death but with life
Not with a bang but with a birth cry!

Copyright @ Dr. Lsr Prasad


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