Poems by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poems by Monika Ajay Kaul
She Believes…!!
With Her, incessant pain dissipates
not at least for once , but ever more..
She cures like an Elixir !
Waning the slain faith, day after day
Spring would come back and stay..
A heeding Promise She makes !
Her absence could rest in the gut
like so much fire burning slow..
As, She has hurricane for a heart !
She makes no move, still shields;
chooses to heal until mislaying Her soul..
All She has a Midas’ Touch !
Everyday She takes a vow, an oath upon..
the glitter of the Stars that fill the Cosmos,
the Moon-light that scatters on still Waters,
the Sun that brightens each sidereal Day !
An undying Hope…She incites;
and bequeath… An unbroken Faith !!
All “She” carried was wrinkles on her derm;
Not at all, was her tenderness skin deep..
Unpleasant did she look with freckles on the face;
Yet an alluring beam could light up the space..
Beholding her ‘mirror’ could reproduce smithereen-hearts;
Natheless, an aura of peace encompass her being..!!
“Where is the Beauty?” one would muse on. !!
Embracing within an epitome of amour and pride;
She acquiesced in their reasoning..
Far and away, her Grandeur was defined and she knew her worth..
It made all the difference ; Her being in the world !!
© Monika Ajay Kaul

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