A WOMAN TO ME IS … / Poem by Hassen Gara

Poem by Hassen Gara
A woman is God’s unique creation
Sent to complete man
To do the best she can
A woman is a flow of emotions
An ocean of devotion
A life of sacrifice
To her husband and offspring
A remarkable human being
A sister, a mother and wife
Forgets her own pleasures
And the comforts of life
Always gives, keen to share
Symbol of tenderness and care
In times of trials and tribulations
She is our comfort, our consolation
Dispels our fears
Wipes out our tears
The sunbeam that warms our day
Dissipates clouds away
A woman is an angel sent from above
Like nature, nurtures us with love
An engine of civilization’s progress
The founder of our success
A woman is the wonderful flower
That overspreads its fragrant shower
The fountain of wisdom
The queen that rules well her kingdom
A beacon of light that can be seen from far away
Our hope to start a new day
The force that keeps us moving ahead
A golden crown placed upon the head
A woman is no serf to any man
Full of potential to be the best she can
Known for her fortitude and determination
Deserves from us all praise and admiration
March 8th , 2018
(All rights reserved)

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