EVE’S ASSERTION / Poem by Jyotirmaya Thakur


The tempest of trials destroy your existence,
Gather straw and make roof in persistence,
Be not a victim but a heroine of Inspiration,
Not a clipped lady,a fierce Eve in assertion.

Let not anyone rob you of rightful freedom.
Realise your inherent powers,manifold wisdom,
Down the years burnt alive to ashes in distortion,
Rise like a brave queen to protect your kingdom.

Be a miracle of hope in any circumstance,
Walk with strength and faith of affection,
Don’t get disturbed or desolate in deception,
Shine in your silent prayers of acceptance.

Fallen angels of Heaven keep your grace,
Breathing love in life with a smiling face,
A visionary without doubt ending in solace,
Run ahead breaking barriers in life’s race.

Walk fearless cutting doors in stone walls,
Like a Titan soar above after every fall,
Shatter glasses of injustice standing tall,
The best version of humanity serving all.


Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2018.


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