“Heaven” – Poem Collaboration of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino

“Heaven” – Poem Collaboration of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino
When I was younger, I imagine heaven to be a wondrous place,
People depicting it with angels and cherubs, seraphims and harps playing
Immaculate white clouds surrounding you along with unexplainable peace,
A frontier where we will all go to as our final destination.
Heaven, as children have been told,
has a large gate made of pearls
and its roads are paved with gold,
says those who haven’t been there.
Stories of paradise enchanting dreamers and mystic eyes,
A promise of eternal life, colliding souls in the cosmic night
A strong white orb emitted by mighty Hands,
A place where fallen angels were prohibited to enter once more.
Where is God? Countless through millennia have asked.
God is in Heaven, as countless too have eagerly said.
We gave them the answers, but the truth we have masked,
in legends and myths brought by the living from the dead.
Could it be that heaven originates as a ray of light in one’s heart?
And that if God doesn’t reside in him, he may not find the right path
This mysterious labyrinth and contradicting mazes of what we call life,
Crossroads leading to potholes, man chasing elusive happiness outside of himself.
Not a few have wondered: Why doesn’t God come down?
The quickened prayers of suffering bombarded the sky,
the men who kill each other both pray to the same God,
who perhaps cannot hear the orphans silently cry.
The Tower of Babel man even built as they wish to step into God’s gate
Sharing one language at the Genesis of it all but have they succeeded?
Man cannot fathom what the Creator has in mind,
Heaven is not a place for greed but of selflessness and compassion.
Perhaps God does not exist, but maybe He is real,
and angels and demons too, and it seems to be true:
the creator of the world moves in mysterious ways,
yet we may even see: God is with us until the end of days.

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