Identity That I Am Searching / Poem by Tulsi Shrestha

Identity That I Am Searching

A life that I nutured with blood for nine months .
How easily you claimed ,it as Your alone.
You enclosed my identity inside patriarchal chain.
Where is equality that society used to claim ?

For a love song that you sang for me in day light
Like a lucid doll, paying debt I due every night.
Addressing me only as wife of your name….
My talent and attributes carry no any fame .

A living entity of She , just turned shadow of He.
It is why I am searching my identity as She.
Religion insighted “A source of Shakti within She”
But it enclosed all her welfare within He .

Manipulating Scripture in favour of He
Trafficking her for the satisfaction of Lust of He.
Enforcing to avoid maternal dears, how clever is He
It is time to break the invasion of Almighty He.
I need to rise to revive ” Identity Within Me As She”Me;


By Tulsi Shrestha


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