Poems by Sunita Singh

Sunita Singh
Sunita Singh is from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Presently she is working as Assist. Chief Electoral Officer, in election department of Uttar Pradesh. She is a postgraduate in economics from Banaras Hindu University. Writing poetry, essays and short stories in Hindi and English, ghazals, nazm, doha, geet, navgeet etc. is her hobby in free time after official duties.
Yes, I am a woman
With blessings of my well wishers
With all the atrocities
Which have laid deep marks
Of wound on me
Some are being reflected
In my bodily attire
And most are unseen
Much deep cremated in the soul
With Tsunami in the ocean of tears
And cyclone in the deep mournings
Yes I am a woman.
Beyond the outwardly layers
Of boundaries of lands and time
Beyond all races, creeds, colours
Civilizations and mental barriers
My womanic attributes
Have remain the same
Like a journey of seed
Sometimes wanted, many times unwanted
Like a soft but, rough jungle plant
Sprouting from land
Either care or without care
Being provided with by destiny
An astonishing survival capacity
To fight and remain living
Despite all odds & misfortunes
Facing all heavy sun heat
And drastic rainfalls blow
I somehow manage to grow
Plant evolving thus
Into a tree providing
Shelter, fruit, flowers
And also the wood
I am necessary epitome
For the existence of the whole universe
But still without not finding
That is my right
Attention ,Respect, love, understanding etc.
From all quarters
Till I am useful, I am there
For everyone attached
Also, I am like drop of rain
If gone in gutter
Becomes dirty and impure
If gone in holy river
I become a part of worship
Isn’t there my own existence and space
Let me be like a fresh
Clean blowing air
Flowing smoothly in a sky
With small white clouds
With small rain drops
Where a colourful rainbow
Reflects pure happiness all around
Where there are true bright colours
Alas! I wish I could live like that
I hope one day I will be accepted
For what I am and
As I am.
Pearl of my soul
Why I long for the golden rays
And desire for the brightest ways
When deep desire and feeling intense
Show my way in darking dens.
Why I pray for blessing rain
Why I seek for only gain
When the treasure of my conscience
Make me rich with pearl of patience
Why I complain God for misfortune
And wish for Shadow in the noon
When I know they are God’s Desire
I will face them in his Empire.
Why I wish for fortunes favor
And search for success someone’s care
When I have the Pearl of Soul
That glitters my way to goal.
Be a super cop
Sometimes observe things by being zoomy.
Brightest picture even has a tone gloomy
Cutest smile covers the gravest pain
Brightest eyes have poured the darkest rain.
An eye catching beauty of freehold laughter
Must have faced some tormenting grafter.
Darkest night begets most charming morn.
But after every piece is devasted and torn.
When pain touches level lowest and tough
Gift of survival is smart, smooth not rough.
So dive deep into ocean of pain and tears.
And take out priceless hidden treasures.
When forces unseen and time hit you hard.
Every time bounce back,be your own gaurd.
None, only you have the choice and power.
To survive or jump from highetened tower.
Life definitely brings many storms of snow.
Either freez or move with wounds to glow.
Live like a warrior, go to the mountain top.
Choose to be winner, furl flag as super cop.
Music sparkles the very soul of cosmic,
Healing remains supreme goal of music,
So even panic heart with pleasure fills,
When music dances in the lap of Magic.
Everything earth, sun, duns and moon,
Enchant beyond boundaries lyrical boon.
From rustic brainsic to brilliant gems,
Music charms all with melodious tunes.
Music is the sound of echos in the hills,
Music chills summers and soothes chills,
Orchestring the thrills and quills of life.
It medicates in waves of trills and dills.
Chirpy tone of all creatures in the nature,
Turbulent sounds of defeat, pain, rupture,
In misty morn,scorchy noon, night mourn,
Some mystical music vibrats in all colour.
Music is waves of droplets, Majestic and divine,
Music is emotional overflows, terrific and pristine,
Music is soothing energy, magnific and entwine,
Music is the echo of silence, galactic and enshrine.
Being the purest form of soul to soul connection,
Friendship as a teacher fills us with nectar of knowledge.
Beyond selfishness friend does everything
To remove darkness and to melt even our frozen pain
To be shade like cool moonlight
In scorching sunlight of the day
To make additions in our happiness
To ease the strife of tough journey of life.
True friend pours purity
In impure wind of our surroundings
Fills the empty vessel of our soul
Give a sigh of relief that we are not alone Imparts a sense of completeness
Like a true soul companion beyond ages.
True friend laughs with us
Feels pain and cries with us
Despite our flaws protects us in front of others
Never Leave us, become Ray of hope
In Tsunamis and Cyclones of life
True friendship is a priceless divine treasure.
No one ever gets respect on demand,
This golden key to heart is an admiration well earned.
The soulful honourable glance of respect is like sunshine,
That costs nothing but spreads treasure divine.
Greet the miserables with respectful grace,
And feel their enhanced self- respect in their glittering face.
Unless we fill our soul with self-respect,
We can’t live bountfully in all aspect.
Respect is a virtue that is hard to gain,
But its presence pours peace as pious rain.
Respect is a highly sought after desire,
But so easy to loose its golden wire.
A single mistake can break respect as a fragile glass,
But if maintained, spreads positivity to all who come across.
Respecting the self gives discipline with real powers
And guides on right path, morals, manners, actions of ours.
Respect of parents, elders, relationships and nature,
Sprouts morality for fellow being and all creatures.
When respect is sown in other’s mind,
It is reaped everywhere in front and behind.
There is no greater loss than the loss of self-respect,
There is no greater gain than the gain of self respect.
Sunita Singh
चांदनी रात का सौन्दर्य
चंद्र-किरण रंजित अति सुंदर,
चंचल चितवत सरित के जल पर।
मोहक छवि मन मोहित करती,
माधुर्य विपुल चहुँओर विचरती।।
रजत किरण श्यामल जल पर,
लहरों की लय से मिलकर।
मंद मलय के धुन पर लहराती,
दिव्य लोक का स्मरण कराती।।
तट पर स्थित वृक्ष व प्रस्तर,
चंद्र किरण से आलोकित होकर।
जल दर्पण में छवि निहारते,
चंचल लहरों के साथ विचरते।।
चंद्र शोभित किरणों के रथ पर,
सुदूर व्योम से वसुधा के ऊपर।
चहुँओर अपनी आभा बिखेरता,
दृश्य मनोहर वसुधा का करता।।
वसुधा वारिद सरिता गिरिवर,
रजत किरण भूषण से सजकर।
असीम सौंदर्य प्रकृति का दर्शाते,
मन मेरा मोहित कर जाते।।
चंद्रकिरण की चारू चपलता,
लहरों की मोहक चंचलता।
दिव्य स्वरों में गीत सुनाती,
मन को मुझसे दूर ले जाती।।
ऐसी विराट विशाल असीमता,
प्रकृति सौंदर्य की अद्भुत मोहकता।
शाश्वतता के स्वर लय समझाती,
मन मानस में रच बस जातीं।।
प्राणों का पंछी
चहचहाता है
फड़फड़ाता है
पिंजरा ये कैसा
तोड़ नहीं पाता है
दसों दिशाओं से
कुछ गूंजता सा
आता है
मन को
क्लांत कर
शांत कर
संक्रांत कर
चुपचाप चला
जाता है
सूरज से उजाला
मिला तो है पर
अंधकार कहां
चीर पाता है
मानो रोशनी को
चम्मच में भरकर
मन को खिलाता है
मानो बारिश से
कुछ बूंदें
उधार लेकर प्यास
मिटाने का प्रयास
करता है
मानो अनंत
शून्य से
कोई अनजाना
पुकारता है
प्राण पंछी
भ्रमित होकर
चकराता है
समझ नहीं
पाता है
क्या मिल सकेगा
कभी कहीं
इस शब्द हीन
पुकार को
कोई दिशा?
मिलेगा उत्तर कि
ये कैसी तृषा?
क्या ये जुगनू
हो सकेगा कभी
सूरज में विलीन
बिना जले
बिना मिटे
उस छोर को
प्राण पंछी
चला जाता है
चला जाता है।।

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