Shefqete Goslaci (Kosova)

Shefqete Goslaci (Kosova)

Member of Board of the International Poetical Galaxy ATUNIS

Shefqete Gosalci was born in October 3.1970 in Prishtina. Sheattendet the elementary and high school in Prishtina, wherw she also attended her studies at University of Kosova, wherw she was obligated to interrupt them after four years after closing of the University at that time (1990, 1994), by the serbian occupation regime. Like many Albanian youngsters of Kosova victimized by the serbian regime for their national activities, Shefqete  emigrates in Switserland for four years, where she organized teaching in Albanian language for the children of her fellow countrymen. Since the year 1993 she took active part in the National Movement for the Liberation of Kosova (N.M.L.K), together with her sister Shyhrete and her brother, Muharrem. Her family dwellingin the quarters of Spitali, in Prishtina, for many years was a sheltering for the illegals of N.M.K.L. Shefqete took active part in Kosova Liberation Army K.L.A during the year 1998 she tailored 250 uniformes for the special units of KLA, and she embiodered the Albanian National Flag, which is carried in many glorious battle, and it was rasised in June 11 1999, by Guerilla units BIA in the quarters Taslixhe of Prishtina. After the year 2002 she has stopped her political activity but not the national one. Shefqete has been writing since her childhood, in addition she sings beautifully, mainly rhapsodies, she has participated in addition she sings beautifully,mainly rhaspodies,she has participated in a few festuvals, in the Folk Festival ”MUJE KRASNIQI” in Kline in the year 2006 as well as many musical and literary activities in Kosovo and aboad.She published her first writimgs in the magazines ;”Clirimi”, ”Pionieri”,”Zeri i rinise”, ”Shkendija”,”Mollekuqja” as well as the newspapers ”Epoka e re ” and ”Zeri”,. She has published the summaries with poems; ”Blood answers to the blood”2002, ” I will be a bridge for you in the sky”2006. This is her third work. Shefqete is a member of the Kosovo Writers Association, a member of the ”Carvan of Writers for Children AGIM DEVA”.  The book ”BOILING OF DEPTHS” in english, Italian is her fourth book.

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