Wo-men / Poem by Olfa Philo


We’re the hook
& the fish
We’re the hypnotizers
& the monopolizers
We’re the lighters
& the biters
We’re the flowers
& the thorns
We’re the inflamers
& the tamers
We’re the culprits
& the victims
We’re the authentic
& the romantic
We’re the demanding
& the understanding
We’re the accessible
& the untouchable
We’re the frivolous
& the serious
We’re the actresses
& the filmmakers
We’re the dreamers
& the schemers
We’re the angels
& the witches

We’re your ‘breeders’
& your feeders
We’re your cushion
& your mattress
We’re your headache
& your medicine
We’re your pain
& your worthiest gain
We’re your body shakers
& your heart-breakers
We’re your sea waves
& your caves
We’re your killers
& your healers
We’re your mind cook
& your Chinese book …

Among us,
the smart
& the fool
the boring
& the cool
the sweet honey
& the absorber of money
the unbearable nagger
& the devil-dragger
the mind-reader
& the wise leader…

We can be
your dolls,
your balls
or the impenetrable walls
Our clue is praise
to discern your path
in our maze
If you break our hearts,
you’re promptly set apart …

We’re the wo-men
from A to Z
As our name connotes (Wo-men)
you’re embedded in us
In our arms you strive to BE
for a short time then FLEE …


Olfa Philo


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