Poems by By Lilian Woo

Poems by By Lilian Woo



Spring is approaching
Giving warm feeling
Cool breeze kissing
Birds happily chirping
Bubs springing
Blossoms blooming
Colourful and enchanting
Fragrance spreading
Butterflies flitting
Flower to flower, sipping
Enjoying sweet nectar
Wind carrying pollen afar
Sun smiling
Cotton clouds hovering
Rivers meandering
Splendour of nature is captivating.



When two hearts are far apart
Love letters play an active part
Bringing two souls together
Bridging the gap, hearts grow fonder

Communication is the link to relationship
Romantic love letters are sweet to read
It brings the essence of love
Pleasant and lovely like the dove

Two hearts beat in harmony
Love letters bring song of symphony
Souls dance in sweet melody
Loving your sweetheart completely

Love grows stronger each day
Entwining hearts in special way
The splendour of love fragrance
Intoxicate minds in silence

Love letters melt hearts and flow
It glimmers with inner glow
Every comforting words bond the souls
Hearts are warm though winter is cold.



Life is beautiful when love glows
With passion engulfing our souls
Love blooms like beautiful blossoms
The light of life is a wisdom

Love is the light of life
As colourful as butterflies
Love and passion in your eyes
Splendour of beauty in all kinds

Love is the candle of light
Bring joy, happiness and delight
A blissful blessing from above
Dive into depths to own the love

Love shines with rays of light
Trust and honesty make all things right
Love is pure and unconditional
Love recognises no barriers

Love is the nectar of life
Sweeten our hearts, enthral our minds
Dance to the music of the soul
Make lives complete and whole.

Copyright @Lilian Woo


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