ROSY BLINDNESS / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo



You take life in a rosy way
And you don’t know that it could hurt you

You dance folk dances
When you mock modern dances
Through the stuffy air of words

You utter nothing
You wait for my cold sentences
And enjoy looking at chips
Cold cheese sandwich
Many sweets coffee and cigarette

Mold is falling on me

Other men are leaving
I always stay until the end

Wake up my sweetheart from this rosy blindness
Rosy blindness is unsafe
If I tell you my mistress
Don’t spit on my words
I am not polite
I only love you

Don’t push me away
Let us be near
Because we can become close only if we are near

I don’t like to remain strangers
In this insanity
Where everything anyhow is strange
And unreal
And nothing is rosy
And nothing is ours.



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