Nassira Nezzar ( Algeria)

Nassira Nezzar

Nassira Nezzar , a poetess and writer from Algeria, graduated from university of May 8th1945 Guelma ( Bachelor of English Language and Literature). A diploma from CNEPD Annaba ,as sueprior Technician in Tourism (Choice:Touristic guide). She has attestation of success in Spanish language from a private school (Triki), and an attestation of presence in Italian language (CLS).
She worked at the university of May 8th1945- Guelma- as an English language teacher for 8 years.
She worked at the cultural directory of Guelma and worked also as an English language teacher at the National Insitute for Vocational training –Guelma-


Nassira Nezzar has a published work, a book entitled : FAMILIAR STRANGERS , which is a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride.
She participated in different international anthologies, Love is like air-USA-, The Other Side Of The Screen-Poland-, Women poets-within and beyond shore Vol 1&2-India-, Whispers of Softlay, Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis –India-, Metafora Współczesności –Poland-

Nassira Nezzar has her own poems on Youtube plus collaborative poems with the American author John E WordSlinger on Youtube also.
Her website:


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