A NEW LEASE OF LIFE / Poem by Dasharath Naik

Poem by Dasharath Naik



The day breaks gloriously dispelling darkness
A good Samaritan somewhere awakes
Humanity and harmony reigning in the air
Propelling me forward into my action
And the silent sufferings get evaporated.

The way to escape now behind the scenes
The same thing repeats itself to
mesmerize me
The flowers bloom in the backyard garden
The birds forecasting pleasure
enrapture me
And me lost in the love and peace unseen.

The cocoon then takes life to flap its wings
The night before the darkness is visible though
My words kissing my thoughts and dreams
Nowhere ever to swallow me from all sides
Waving me goodbye to welcome a new sunshine .

The best possible way to go unnoticed
Glitters letting me know my life’s setting
My heart leaps with joy and happiness
My mind flatters its wings to soar higher
To unravel the beauty unlimited therein.

©® Dasharath Naik


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