Varsha Saran

Varsha Saran
Varsha Saran is a bilingual poetess and story writer , her many poems and stories have been published in different national and international anthologies, e-zines, magazines, UGC approved literary magazines and newspapers.
She won many awards in this journey of writing.
Clay of life
Every day I scribble something
Everyday I think something deeply
Look!These mango trees
Laden with blossom
Cukko bird is singing it’s melodious songs on the branches of mango trees and informing us about the coming of the spring season,
On the other hand , yellow Neem leaves are departing from its branches, with the sudden gust of wind
I am standing on the dry leaves that will transformed in the manure one day!!
And vanished in the clay of life after few days
This clay is everything
Origin and the end of life
We born on it and rest of life it remains under our feet,
We get our eatables from this
This clay is the witness of thousands years old cultures and civilizations
Valuable clay but how’ down to earth’
One day we will be a part of it
But How many like the gust of wind with clay and dust!!
We are ignoring our birth place, our realities by ignoring our values and accepting artificiality,
One day will come , when this nature will give us powerful slap
Think what will happen then!!
My Journey
I close my eyes
And set my destinations to travel
A traveller bird I am so,
I fly and begin my journey
with the wings of imagination
With an ocean of feelings in my heart
Sometimes laugh , sometimes cry!
The wide azure with its stretched arms
Wants to hold me tight
And welcomes me
Gives me new paths to soar high and high
No need to buy costly air tickets
I am a dreamer of words and emotions
And weave a new sentence
Without any agonize !!
Hurdles of black clouds
Creates some problems
But no worries at all
I love this journey of writing
Without the headache of
Name ,fame and any material chimes
Only a hidden desire to find a Paradise
A place of tranqility
With self satisfaction and subtly’ self’ divine!!
My thoughts
Concentric layers of moods
In the lake of my thoughts
Want some more Peace
Without any ittruption of
Any foreigner touch or sensation,
I Want to be calm like ‘Buddha’
‘Enlightened’ in me
No need of any preaching,
No need of any suggestions….
I do mistakes and
Do Correct myself..
Because that ‘light’ in me
Is enough to protect and guide me
I just don’t want to be hide my ‘me’
Because if this source of energy
Is hidden under any veil of falsism
How can you all get that light of wisdom
That light of divine truth
Spreading from me!!
Varsha Saran@copyright

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