Poems by Swapna Behera

Poems by Swapna Behera


My Sagacious Dream

My beloved
sagacious dream
Never you demand
But flow as Kundalini
Jump from sky

Fill my whole audacity
With a stoic silence
With the fragrances of lavender
On the lagoons of creativity

You stimulate me
with myriads of roses
I feel your feathery wings
Every second, every moment
You make me reborn
On my own fossil
Over my own shell.



When I am limited
You extend
the horizon
When I extend myself
You limit the dot
In the horizon
To make anew dawn .


Dont ever —

Don’t ever talk so much
Words will inscribe
In the ether
History will witness
The depth. height and weight of your words
do they carry
empathy,blessings or pride ??

Don’t ever talk so much
On every street the bubble
of your words
Words are smokes
Rising from the rice pots
Or of the pyre

Don’t ever talk so much
Till now tears of maps
on grim faces
words are vapours or volcanoes
pearls or papers
or entwined waves
words are trump cards of your logics
or of your stump card !!!!
don’t ever talk so much ——

Copy right @ Swapna Behera


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