Poems by Agron Shele

Poems by Agron Shele


Never Ask a Poet !

Never ask a poet about the daylight ,
How the dawn rises early
How the sun kills you with its warmness
How you can see the half paths remaining in the past where you first left them
That vision where your eyes start to sparkle and you feel more alive than ever

Never ask a poet about the days that go from the deepest twilights all covered in pity , a lonely moon drowned in a plain lake burned alive with the flames of a fallen star
like a permanent shadow of a repentant woman

Never ask a poet how sad is the world
How his pain holds the name of autumn
Like a fallen angel lost in a world he can’t fit in
His pieces distributed everywhere and you can hear his scream carved as a chapter in a sad book

Most importantly , never ask a poet about love
It breaks your heart,
leaks like a sin over a rainbow full of colours
Suicidal seasons shine from the innocent spirits and gods knocked down until forever.


I know…!

I know
One day , you will understand
Feathers stay as proof of a flying bird
Lost far away from the horizon
No turning back
No shelter
Very angry
Far away
Anxiety of an escaped shadow

I know
That this emigration has nothing in common with rainy days
Neither the blooming flowers
It is an unusual escape towards time , when the air smells the pain of earth .
Death of innocent leaves under the meaning of life until madness

I know
that the darkness brings lonely nights
No light , that gives you hope
No dreams , that give you freedom
No tomorrow
But only a dawn related to the shadows of life in chaos .
It feels like the poison of broken hopes

I know
that scream will destroy the walls of broken memories
And what is dead will return to life
No more envy trapped in a spider web
And the voracious crowds and Kings without crowns.

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