Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



When the humming bees are gone
the forlorn daisy
is in fidget.

It tries to begin coaxing
with balmy wind
bidding :
“Do not be so indifferent to me!”

The wintry night
sprawls passionate love
from high hills
with glistening snow
to envelop
speckled settlement
on the bank of river.

And the glaring moon
tender light
over the luscious meadows
invigorated by fireflies
and marinating
love with ecstasy
to pierce through
penitent soul.

The dark night
gentle caress
in deep slumber
and human souls get bemused
in trance of eternity!



Morning drizzles
Playful pigeons
Boisterous hearts
Pensive eyes
And jocund balmy rays
The prophetic sky
And sonorous air …

I can see all
As observant
As bemused boy
But I sense some rancor inside:
Perhaps, it is another “me”
So deeply engrossed
And so invincible !



Beautiful morning rays
pierce through bush
as furtive as damsel
hiding in gown.

Playful wind
is playing trifle
and sparrows
nibble fleece…..
in bantering chirp.

Jocund clamors
resound in the air
and vibrant hearts
get oozed
in the mesmerized rhythm
of ecstatic trance .

Then benign whispers
from the sky
waltz and trickle down
splashing joy
as if intoxicated in love
poised bosom
of the lass
for the beloved!

Copyrights by
Bam Dev Sharma

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