True Love / Poem by Vandita Dharni

Poem by Vandita Dharni


True Love

The narrow hallway dimly lit,
stood still as pale shadows crept in.
A moonbeam stole in through a
crack in the casement.
The dauntless hills overlooked the
lush green valley that echoed
a soft melody that filled the
cosmos with warmth and love.

Pale quivering lips parted in a kiss.
The air was filled with the luxuriance
of a fragrant flower
that lured a lonesome leaf
to embrace it with an inexplicable passion.
The rippling waters twirled as if
to dance the moonbeams on their
velvety bed still unslept on.

True love had found its wings.
A blush swept over the maiden’s face
and her bosom heaved in consonance
with the heartbeat of her lover.
A flickering light shone from a lamp
cast a pale glow, gradually fading out
into oblivion.
True love had found its peace at last!

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.


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