Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad



Romeo was still on the first step of the fragile love ladder,
Juliet was yet to come to the window in makeup re-order,
Two households both alike, in biphasic mental disorder,
Anti-Romeo squads took up to streets with hate gall bladder!

Served chill were the vacant notices to the porticoes and parks,
Where lovers loved to smoke with their fumes of sigh sparks,
What is in a name? That which we call a rose or prose or tree or poetry,
By any other name would smell or taste, as sweet made in the divine pantry!

When Romeos borrow Cupid’s wings and soar in the bounty sky,
Juliets wear gossamer wings and fire sparkling eyes to fly very high!
Some young goons with loiters itch go mouth shopping at fair malls,
Moral policing squads bar them in barrels to teach them in manned walls!

When holy wars, crusades, jihads enter the pristine fields of love,
What else the real Romeo and Juliet can do except jump from above?
They teach the torches to burn bright, and nourish the seas with their tears,
Haunted by dreams n hunted by the honor killers of caste, creed and religious fears!

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Why running away like a cat crying meow, meow?
Thee used to jest at stars that never felt a bound,
Why now bedaubed in blood is thy hideous wound?

Like fire and powder in monkey’s hands, the squad squids squirt explosion,
I fear, O Juliet! We may not meet again, in the parks and porticoes of passion!
Let us throw this poison and dagger of opposition on this society of cruel emotion,
And let us both use this love potion, and live happily ever after in that divine ocean!


The story of Sri Rama

A full moon arising to dissipate darkness
Sri Rama was born to Kowsalya
to set aside her grief of Childlessness.

To protect the holy yajna
Rama followed Viswamithra, along with Laxmana
slayed the terrible demon Thataki.
Killed Subahu and dispatched Mareecha to the distant lands.

In the land of Videha
He broke the Eswara’s bow
That took three hundred people to bring it there
In a jiff, as it is made up of sugarcane stem.

There he married Sita, most virtuous woman
Beautiful, charming, affectionate and lovable one.
Then he took the challenge of Parasurama
and shown him His way, prowess and valor.

Honouring his father’s boon given to Kaikeyi
Sri Rama took the path towards forests
along with his spouse Sita and brother Laxmana.
Convincing Bharatha to be in Ayodhya
to look after the Kingdom,

Sri Rama reached Chitrakoota.
In that forest of Dandaka
Sri Rama lived in a hermitage
Seeing him and seeking his favours
Soorpanakha approached Sri Rama soliciting union.
Laxmana caught her and cut her nose.

knowing this,
her brothers Khara, Dooshana and others
contemplated war but were killed
In the mighty hands of Sri Rama and Laxmana

When Mareecha enticed Sita
In the form of a golden deer
She requested Sri Rama to bring it to her.
When both Rama and Laxmana were away
Dasagreeva alias Ravana took away Sita to his abode.

After killing Mareecha the illusive deer
Rama and Laxmana returned back
to find Sita nowhere in the premises.
In their search for Sita they found a great bird
Jatayuvu, who resisted Ravana from his kidnapping act
in that fight he lost his wings,
cut to pieces by that dreadful demon, Ravana.

Jatayuvu died after giving this information
After performing the last rites to that great bird
Rama, Laxmana reached the hill Rushyamooka.
His meeting with Sugreeva
yielded fruits in killing Vali, Sugreeva’s brother
and in finding a friend and attendant the mighty Hanuman.

Hanuman crossed the seas
found Sita in the garden of Asoka trees
killed Aksha Kumara and others
burnt Lanka in blazes, annoying Ravana to a great extent.
Returning Victorious from Lanka
Hanuma explained every thing.

Rama wished to cross the ocean
But the sea stood solid and silent
With anger, snicker and smile
shining in his face Sri Rama
Joined a powerful arrow to his bow,
about to shoot Samudra, the sea god
who pleaded mercy in a pitiable state.
Offering his prayers to Sri Rama
Samudra suggested a bridge to be built
to reach Lanka without much stress.

A bridge was built across that sea,
Rama with his army routed for Ravana.
When Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana
sought refuge, Rama granted it in grand style.

Digging the ramparts, removing the bludgeons
Destroying the fort gates, bursting the ditches
pulling out the thresholds, breaking the doors
spoiling the war machines, cutting the pinnacles
burning the towers, whacking the wooden frames
ruining the alligator arches, tearing the flags
scattering the seats, demolishing the houses
throwing out the utensils,
like elephants in a lotus pond
the monkey army made a mess of Lanka.

Surrounded by the army of Sri Rama
Ravana sent his warriors to tackle the intruders.
Underestimating the valor of his valiant enemy.
So, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Dhoomraksha, Virupaksha
Suranthaka, Naranthaka, Durmukha, Prahastha
Mahakaya and other great Rakshasa soldiers

Armed with shining arms such as arrows, bows,
clubs, maces, swords, axes, pikes, darts, tridents
knives, spears and pestels
riding upon horses, elephants and chariots
attacked Sugreeva, Hanuma, Panasa, Gaja, Gavaya
Gandhamadana, Neelangada, Kumuda and Jambavantha.

Laxmana killed Athikaya
Ramachandra slayed Kumbhakarna
Later Meghanatha was killed by Laxmana
Rama killed Ravana with a great arrow.

After the obsequies and last rites of slain warriors
Rama installed Vibhishana on the throne of Lanka.
Accepted Sita after a fire test
and returned to Nandi village
where Bharatha was awaiting his brother’s arrival.

Then with all his retinue
Sri Rama reentered Ayodhya after fourteen years.
A grand welcome and a coronation ceremony
The beginning of the establishment of Rama rajya.

Monkey king and Rakshasa king waving fans,
Hanuma holding the white umbrella.
Bharatha brought sandals, Satrughna bow and arrows
Sowmithri(Laxmana) standing at side as an attendant
Janaki came with water pitcher.
Angada bearing the bright sword
Jambavantha brought the gold plank
on the Pushpaka chariot, Sri Rama returned to Ayodhya
and looked right as the fullmoon bright
The coronation ceremony was over.
In His rule every body lived happily.

“As a father figure, Sri Rama Chandra
protected His people as a father treating his own children
People forgot their own fathers
Saying, he is our father and father of all the worlds.”

“All seven seas remained in unagitated state
Earth wheel stopped in its place
Lotus eyed one ceased to keep a vigil
Lords of directions relaxed for a while
Sun continued shining,
shores of directions stopped exhaling
Trees became evergreen,
All three fires always blazing
Weight on elephants, mountains, hogs
snakes and turtles became less
minuteness in people got mitigated”

Thus Ramachandra established in his kingdom
Krithayuga Dharma in Trethayuga
His wife Sita, shy but full of passion
Devoted yet with unknown apprehension,
Soft spoken and with much sought friendship
conquered his heart with consummate love.




Sitting here in my easy chair
I count and discount hair by hair
The laws of war and peace
And the flaws of modern love
There is something that pricks my glove
A bit of shame and a fit of flame
That makes me also walk on that trail!

Can i have a house without walls?
Can i live naked in open air?
Can i see stars and moon in clear night?
Can i reap hay in sunshine all alone?
Am i the only one hearing this tune?
A solitary song that haunts my lawn?

Why do we kill the things we love?
Why do we seek mercy from high above?
When we ourselves made barriers,
Why we are becoming their carriers?
Am i the only one bearing these chains,
Then why i am going all alone?

I know there are many more on this trail!
They will come forward in the trial!
Those who are chained to sentiments ill,
They can break them with great zeal!
Let us all walk along the bleeding trail,
Wiping out the blood of hate hill!

Countless doves with olive branches,
When they fly on wings of love,
War weaponry bury itself in the graves,
The deluge of hate slowly goes low,
In burning flames a new covenant is made,
Love and peace gaiñs much accolade!

And there, we all believe in miracles,
That of the incarnations and prophets,
We all believe in the common good,
That we can live happily in peaceful world!
We realize there is no god on bleeding trail, Let us all strive for Love, our common goal!


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