Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Unveiling the unexplored azure sky
swimming in the oceans deep
swinging in the sweeping wind
my soul undaunted and indomitable
flutters fast
here there everywhere
in search of goodness in man
in search of love and affection
in search of harmony
and peace of mind so golden.
Time flies in its winged chariot
never to wait for anyone
seen or unseen
known or unknown
life has to go on as an eternal flow
through all odds and obstacles
may be overcoming trials
and tribulations innumerable
in search of a friendly soul
in search of a tender touch
in search of the bliss of life.
Love or not, hate me not
me one among the deprived souls
my heart bleeds too like yours
my tears I too shed out of pain
my sweat bears the brunt of time
never say ‘NO’ to life, the precious gift from God
draw it as you wish and then paint
with the vibrant hues of human values
Remember all
life is to be enjoyed
and enjoyed bouyantly
in the service of mankind.
Live it the way you wish it to,,,,,
love its true essence
making it worth-living
in search of humanity
in search of divinity
in search of serenity.
The disarrayed dreams
Like frightened birds for long
Are feeling relaxed now
As the storm has subsided .
The ruined hopeless hopes
Like seasoned seeds
Have already germinated
With new vitality and vigour.
In search of a peaceful shelter
They are flapping their wings
With rooted strength and power
And heading in groups or pairs .
To dream of a better future
To rear their tender sucklings
To live in peace and harmony
They are truly breeding again.
The perfect bliss and mirth,
They trust,can bind them again
Not to be trembled or shivered
And stand united against all odds.
©® Dasharath Naik

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