Yes; Black I Am – Ayub Khawar / Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

Poem by  Ayub Khawar


Yes; Black I Am

Yes; black I am
And I am proud of, on being black,
Though I am black 
Yet my colour holds all colours of life,
All colours of
Spring and autumn, winter and summer,
The sandy plains, oasis
And lush green meadows, shine like dreams, Burn like illusions, in me,
I am the colour of Martin Luther,
Nelson Mandala and Barack Obama,
I am the colour of the strife for independence
And the sovereign colour too,
I am the colour
Of Michal Jackson and Bob Marley
My colour holds the sparkles of sound,
A craving for music, soul and passion,
That make the world my devotee;
I am the colour of Muhamad Ali
Whose blows deform
Each face of the other colour,
I am the colour of Morgan Freeman,
William Smith and Bill Cosby who marvel
On the screen, the viewers of films,
This is the colour of Bilal and Nijashi,
The colour of faith and loyalty,
All colours are confined in me,

It is the king of all colours,
It is the colour of God Himself.


Translated by Muhammad Shanazar


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