Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


An Unexpected Love Transforming All Gloom into Joy!

He is like Southern breeze that comes to save one
from the sufferings caused by Summer heat unbearable;
Like a oasis in the long desert, he only can give
Solace, pleasure and joy to the lady in distress long!

The hero of one’s dream if comes suddenly before alive,
What a pleasure and joy at once it kindles to her sure!
Unbearable this too for the long starving and hungry
Soul for sensuous pleasure losing all hope in life ever!

Paris and Helen they become when union is formed suddenly
Like the opposite clouds in Summer time happen to meet
Abruptly leading to profuse rain with lightning and thunder
So much that the long parched Earth gets drenched whole!

What a pleasure and joy the lovers have when unexpectedly
Meet at a critical juncture of life to make all smooth!


Her Feeling at its Top!

Touch of a hero is the dream of many a Helen to enjoy
The unique pleasure each one is longing for forever..;
Goose-bump takes place immediately such a hero comes
In some TV shows or some special programme anywhere!

Love is an unique feeling none can overcome feel she
Thinking of her beloved hero after a dream about him;
Physically tempted so much by her infatuation to him,
She never fails to kiss him many a time before sleep!

Social media is a great boon for her to contact him,
Especially when she is longing for him at late nights;
Surprised by her intrusion, he chats with great sensation
And is elated to dizzy height by her bold kiss ..!

Virtual reality seems to be like a fantasy too involved
With unusual fascination, when her feeling is at its top!


Evolution Can’t Be Superseded by Revolution for Good!

Difficulties, worries and woes are due to unsuitable jobs and
Uncertain life in the modern material world of civilization;
So, all work in competition with time from morn till night until
Settling on the bed for night rest to continue the same next day!

This is the nature of mechanical life all lead with no rest and
Peace of mind till retirement comes and feel scary to spend rest
Of life time in uneasiness and as a lunatic till the end comes
Unless one has interest in art, Nature and spiritual matters..!

Being the manifestation of Nature, men and women are designed to
Live natural life sans making revolutionary moves to be as each
Wants against the natural course of life all are destined to live
Making it necessary for all to live life in harmony with Nature..!

Man is in the next stage of animal with mind and intelligence
Before becoming divine being to have a completion of life cycle;
This is the design of natural evolution and course to be followed
That man has to realize and change course to live natural life..!


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