Poems by Teuta Kadriu

Poems by Teuta Kadriu
A drink away from here
Tonight I will pick up the moonlight by the hand
Take me to a waterfall.
Ah… Waterfall with wine…. gets drunk…
Take me to his dream, so drunk
That only in the dream you will be unfaithful.
I will make love affairs!
The craziest sometimes.
Where the dream writes the work of purple,
Where the wine pours on my chest….
And it creates the most beautiful rainbow in the horizon.
You will be drunk and you … yes, yes you!
How are you drunk when I drink?!
Ah, this color, this wine
To be drunk, to collide in his dream
The dream cannot hold me
He throws me into his glass.
Good … to be wine!
You enjoy me sweet, toast,
Love you….
So… Fill the wine cup… enjoy…
A toast for love under the rays of the moon.
Kissing the color of wine
In the most desirable dream….
Until … in a trance.
What I do to my heart
That irresistible to ask you?
What do I say to the mind?
So Much Curt’s me!
This Hamlet’s dilemma
It is embedded in my mind,
Interfering here, the heart:
– Come on now!
True, sweet feeling!
Why does this make me excited?
To stare at a stone I do not think,
That’s not me: fancy!
Get away from me
And leave me alone!
I have a Hamlet’s dilemma:
How do I make a new step in life?
With no express heart
Put my head in my bosom,
Get a pencil and pencil in hand,
You will hear the unfortunate heart,
You will feel the letter in the letter!
In the do take lip and kiss,
But do not let it stop the word!
In your hand you get stretch,
Do not be afraid to write the verse!
At will the body … float…
Do not let it cool,
That from my heart and my chest
The strings will flow like a bush!
Ah… These verses as show,
The Unfamiliar of My Heart!
Come on! So put your head!!!
I heard the world hear about my love.
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