I AM NOT MY MOTHER / Poem by N M Leepsa

Poem by N M Leepsa



My mother is a symbol of love
who believes in caring & sharing,
To friends, family, relatives and even to a stranger

My mother holds the strength as a hammer
who breaks all the hurdles of life without any fear
Be it parenting from a young age or support the family

My mother wears a compassionate heart
leaving all the scars in the road she moves ahead
Forgiving the enemy and forgetting the wounds

My mother is crown of knowledge & wisdom
which I put on my head as she shares her experiences
which helped me to cross all the clouds of the vast sky

My mother is as beautiful as nature
That needs no airbrush makeup to define her
Pure, charismatic and young forever

My mother is a great lover, a great wife
dedicated like Sita who takes hardships as blessings
And wants the happiness of her husband’s prior to her

My mother is a great mother like all mothers
I can never be like her, strong, fearless, passionate
enthusiastic, dedicated, truthful, honest and innocent

I am not my mother…..

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