Juljana Mehmeti ( Albania – Italy)

Juljana Mehmeti ( Albania- Italy)
Juljana Mehmeti was born in the city of Durres, in Albania. Since she was a child she became fond about literature and writing, especially poetry, a genre that in the following years will turn into a real life motive, a way to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions and metaphysics , her point of view according to her consciousness but also improving the awareness of the same suggestion that surrounds the human world. The first book “Soft – Poems” published in Italian language attracted the attention of publishers and Italian literary criticism, not only for its particular style, but also for new words, the language used, the philosophical message and the currents present in her poems that go from Hermetism to Surrealism. The second book comes from the field of translation entitled “Vramendje” – (Rimugino “) of the Italian author Alessandro Ferrucci Marcucci Pinoli, which will constitute the first experience in this field, but will also strengthen his long-standing conviction, to know and translate in his language, many popular Italian authors.. The collection of poems “Oltrepassare” is her new book, which presents itself with the new tendencies of Albanian literature, postmodernism and universal consciousness, from experimental currents to absurdity. She published in English language “In his light” (Demer Press, 2019, Netherlands  in Italian language “Namasté” (Libri di – Versi in Diversi Libri- 2020, Italy) and  “Nel dilemma dell’esistenza in Italian & English Language (Libri di – Versi in Diversi Libri- 202, Italy).  She currently lives and works in Ancona, Italy.
The leaves turn green and I wake up in thousands of buds
as I observe this confection of the soul
that is generated
in endless fragrances
Resuming of a new journey
accross the spring garden
that opens a gate
and sends me to collect daisies
you make a garland
to my dreams
and to transform intho the hairdresser of troubled desires
there in the lawn of my passages.
I was before
Perhaps at the roots of the earth
at the extreme ends of the age
perhaps in a star collapsing to the lake
to be extinguished, dead and reborn,
empty frames
the eclipse of genesis that raised us
to walk
sitting on the carved platform
castles that murmur inside.
I look beyond the reflex in the mirror
I ask for more courage
To conquer the daily displayed image
and shine the emeralds in the eyes,
not memories of silent fantasies
neither bodies turned into ashes
but the flourishing of the graces of nature
to learn the identity of the soul.

Et voilà…!

The ground beneath the feet is burning
and the air around becomes suffocating
the sky is filled with clouds of sights
tears of pain are falling on us,
an arena of battles
in the rocky gates
curtains which wrap the castles of memories
encircles enclosing the borders of the sun
a bit of light,
to distinguish the light which is coming out.

The magnificence is appearing with lost visions
glitter with roots plunged into a sin
thread by thread it penetrates to the darkness
to grow sprouts higher and higher,
raised to his entwined heresy
to the seas, leaving his body hostage
and the black wave brings it out to a shore,
to the bridges, where trains are moving furiously
to the iron branches of the forgotten fate.

with the fire of glints,
incinerating flame
devils abandoned the hell,
awakening titans, with bodies and souls
they plunge the entire world into chaos,
driving the hope into the turbulence Noah
because another life will come
the last day, of the lost man
maybe he will retrieve
his mercy!



I am,
a part of the endless universe
a particle thrown to refracted parallels ,
of that world dressed with the color of light
and drowned back again to the dark memory,
with the meaning of the existence in the margins of life
the consciences coming from the unexpressed words,
from the inner part
of that vision which dresses me in blue,
of the creator who merged body and soul
with blessings from angels
towards the tracks of blood and the cross pain.

The flight ascending to its own ashes
in the forgotten bodies of gone legends
consecrated during the time of enormous agitation,
of the north sea
searching for eyes which dress the verdure
new spaces
of the end boundaries
wandering beyond the world
collapsing and uprising
with different steps
to the revived eternity.

New tops touch the heights
heart and mind
bended to the temple,
which constructs invisible bridges
the view towards the Almighty
and hands folded in praying
words which goes with the wind
and return back with seasons,
a fragment of continuity
born from the spirit of the sky;



Një çast… dhe ngjyrat fiken
Ajri mbetet varur ndër kapakë sysh
Akujt ftohtësi depërtojnë kurmit.
Errësira shtrin krahët ngadalë
në një tis të hollë …,
ku gjithçka tretet ..
…në pafundësinë e qenies.

Format në mjegull
shkrihen papritur…
Deformohen rrugëtimit..
rishfaqen e zhduken…

Përhumbje e ëmbël..
në hapësira boshe të pavetëdijes …,
dhe të pathënës
kufirit të fundit,
ku dihatja drithëruar
shpirtin shtegëtar mbështjell…
Imazhi tjetërsuar,
vegim i zbehtë drite në shuarje
zëra të largët,
pasthirrmë e harruar.

Në pasqyrë universi projektohet shpirti
përthyer rrathëve të padukshëm
yjesh reflektim.
Përshfaqur në sekuenca vazhdimësie…
Dashurive rilindur
dhe dëshirash mëkatim
… në tejkalim të vetvetes
nëpër natë
me të vetmin kujtim.

mes asgjësë dhe pafundësisë
gjuhë gjurmësh të shkuara
grimca në përjetësi
… gjithmonë e më larg
për të kuptuar kufijtë…


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