Midday Message … (Easter Time 2018) / By Susana Roberts

Midday Message …

(Easter Time 2018)

Bless your food, that of the body and that of the soul. Be reflective of so much information that helps everybody and another that deteriorates mind, do not compare others or compare yourself to anyone, because no one is perfect, perfection does not exist. Observe your nature from the outside and meditate.
Jesus was a spiritual worker of the word, humble, full of universal love; others used it, called him king, and then built temples that served men, not faith, because behind it there was always corruption. Faith remains intact when it matures in your heart and you perceive your wise decisions that emanate from it, you know it, because there is light to give from a clean glance, and it serves others; it is a light that shines from creation itself. We are responsible for that faith to give hope to the hopeless for them to reach awareness of the inner reality. Be asked who we are? And, why we are in this place, in this time? This is a time where the protagonists are the communication in a network and we have to learn to live surrounded in this unprecedented massive technological world; in the same environment: hunger, poverty, the unemployed, injustice, powers, ambition falling apart in the face of incoherence, leaving behind the primitive teaching.

We must serve the designs of the spirit, live as brothers/sisters, the experience of sowing love in our actions and be patient to get the results, never lying to oneself, understand the nature of the others and communicate peace, that peace which lives in harmony with the cosmos like a born flower within our universe, an energy to be delivered in a middle of a humble service. All this gestation of well-being requires the understanding that peace does not mean that there are no problems or difficulties in life. At this point is where one must learn to balance emotional and intellectual life, not to go beyond the limits of discipline or ethics, because if they are altered, our spiritual values will have been lost.

Let us be joined walkers like Jesus, let’s not show riches, we have to help to avoid consumerism and deprogram violence, we serve the true and inner beauty where justice exalts love in all dimensions; that love that Jesus proclaimed as a unity must be latent in everyone’s heart. During the year 1890 an Indian chief named Isapwo Muksika Crowfoot murmured to a missionary who was about to die: What is life? It is the flash of a firefly at night, it is the breath of a buffalo in winter, the small shadow that goes through the grass, and is lost in the twilight. Nature shows us the existence of love in the life cycles, at the same time it is suffering consequences for maltreats contamination, abuse and discontent in this time of imbalances and sabotages to Mother Earth, to that first population and its descendants that love the worldview. It is a time to revere the unknown in God. “First of all, guard your heart because from it emanates life”, Proverbs 4:23.
My faith today assents to my perception and trusts that this is a time of transition towards something better.

A pleasant autumn
reflects the poor in the streets
wage complaints
kidnapped children in the net
guilty who are in freedom
hard blows to the creed
Humanity and humiliation,
Oh! transparent light,
arrow of time
gardens are eternals, birds that sing
races with peace icons
melodies of hope.


copyright-Susana Roberts

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