Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar



Love swoons as blossom
plucked out of soul to shy
like flower to fade into lurid oblivion 
light of blue as once gathered on lap of mother
desiccates to disown.

here is a monger of death
mortality proclaims story of own destiny,
bubble blurs by it’s concocted audacity of elusion
who are we to hang wall against void of sky?
for faceless fumes to lambast.

can we stop sky to soar
onto space less bournie of heaven?
Intrigue awaits like pyramid to prolong mystery
rue to resist hung against mast of sailing ship
yet time makes it’s own schedule to succumb.

bell tolls from distant shore to distract
travesty of truth percolates into deep rooted soul
of cosmic consistency to prologue priority
wind blows to pervades
neither to defy nor to deny roll call in class room.



Promise made yet melds to blur into void,
Just like sweet clouds slithers away into another space
nothing seems permanent to belong by most ethereal of clouds

everything stands to proclaim change
as from time immemorial
ages after ages earth renovates to embrace makeshift! In accordance of need,
does it adopts changes to continue oblong ?
as clean clear sky swaddles to dapple in colors
like a slate to draw portraits by colored chalks.

clime cleanses to withstand for clarity of vision
perversion persists to proclaim crown of kingdom to reign.
earnest quest seems to lost into time yet to come,
yet by law of legacy humanity percolates into another sanctum sanctorum to pursue peace.



Blessings of enlightened heart be sprinkled on you! with resounding reeled in humble silence,
today may be a special day of mine for art of living to share by mortal flow,
yet I am on my way of journey onshore

let love flourish to brim in whites to plume across earth,
yet so divine being enlightened in paints to glare all in abundance,

do we know path of blessing behind?
as heart awakens from within being redeemed to deep red
rhythm vociferates into spree of universe to glow,
time passes off leaving all slithery shadows to fall.

joy rinses sorrows glistening on its door to humanity
love reeves through on its fluttered wings to soar.

where is the hindrance of beauty to bloom?
time never extends mortality beyond and within.

let cry of lone silence slowly sate in curvy cusp of endearment
embracing wishes of birthday to hold our dreams on splatters of lighted rays
let the joy of day rinse your sorrow draining from within
love your own breath of blossom to brim as when divine.

sullen silence slowly sips darkness of night
as beauty dissipates cry of joy to ingrain
twilight steps into door of darkness
hiding love of light to silhouette
lest dappled shadow may guide to see beyond
for your universe to emblazon hue of beauty!

@dr.subhendu kar.

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