Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha


Look into My Eyes 

Look deep inside my eyes, here
A golden dream is there
To welcome you as dear.

I dream a dream of me & you
Deep in my heart, believe I love you .
To sing a devotional love song of you.

Listen to my heart -beats ,dear
Melody, it creates joy of tears
Soothing to soul, pleasing to ears.

Flight of imagination, we do share
Floating clouds are ready to bear
Loads of two lovers as pair.

Flowing river with magical theme
Stop to ask us …play with him
Splashing water to create rhymes .

Spring showers us with liquid rays
Blue sky turns crimson day
Observing our sensual play .

Let me observe where are we..
Listening talk of two hearts, so free
Incredible, display of musical glee.



I have a tender heart that really beats
But no one is there to listen its beats
My lungs inhale and exhale a breath of love
I am a beautiful girl in a desolate street.

I have a pair of strong wings that can fly
But there is no wind to ensure its flight
I desire to travel the horizon above me
I am a flower that is not meant for fade.

Tears constantly flow from my eyes
Believe me,these tears are frozen now
As there is no one to wipe them out
No prince is here, to dream me as dream girl.

I am beautiful as dew drenched red rose
But still alone, without passionate pair
Should I die , without a taste of sweet love
I have ability to smell the fragrance of love.

Why do circumstances never favour me ?
Oh God ! do I need to bribe my own faith
How fearful the world is, really for me
Still I hope, someone will come to hold my hand.

By Tulsi Shrestha 
@copyright reserved

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