Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Stop ! Stop! Stop! Killing
The whole earth can’t bear the burden of tears from tired eyes

It is not a legend of chronicle
But a clarion from my heart and soul
Ponder solemnly in stillness

Unlucky are those who snatched the life
Life is a magic gift thrown into narrow cell

Ambitious wheels died weary
O! God enlightened them who are busy in heinous crime.



My humble heart cry for
those world who had lost their all

I get glimpses become desperate
Why don’t they see their woe?

Leaders are here for forged voice
Youths are killed yet they don’t sigh

I implored not for their castles
but for their being

My contemplation is for their grief
Who had lost their all living without kith

Nothing is permanent why they killed I bear it out for love and non violence.



I saw God when I saw that child
laughing with heart and soul
His shining forehead gave me awareness of the whole world .

His lovely lips as like as red roses
I found grand success in the light of God with great kindness full of enlightenment what was searched
by me .

You will not deny he has the brightest face full of fine thoughts
I sat with him in the middle of beautiful bright blooming flowers .

I am thankful that laughing child
Who make me aware not to hate
He the father of all decide our fate
Open closed fortune grand gate.



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