Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



I always thought I was a lotus in a pond,
The ugly duckling of a swan,
I had a life, a dream of my own,
In my silence happy and withdrawn. 
My parents cried when I sat alone,
Hours staring at a book or garden full blown,
Clapped in rain,opened windows in foul weather,
Repeated words of whisperings of others.
Howled like a dog or when thunders roared,
Threw tantrums for nothing but never respond.
I suffered from ‘Autism’ in medical term,
My parents fear just got confirmed.
Like any disease I could be treated,
A specialist consultant therapy needed.
‘Echolalia’-is a term for language dysfunction,
I was confined to a room with designer decoration.
A school I joined with my special needs,
There were pure blossoms without any weeds.
Every cloud had a mysterious form,
Who stole voices from the storm.
My daydreams,fantasies new or old,
Delusions,hallucinations turned to gold. 



Let’s be an April fool for today,
Free the child in you for a day.
Listen to your heart inside,
Forget your age once in a while. 
Swing with the rhythm of rhapsody,
Waltz in wilderness of infinity,
Bring immense waves of mirth,
Forget sorrows and dirty dearth.
Let the optimist in you believe what to say,
Incorrigible enthusiast pave the way,
Take one step at a time in faith anyway,
Wonder at the beauty of the world today.
Which blue does the sky adorn?
How the clouds cover the ground?
The kites soar high and above,
Look around at trees with love.
Open the windows of the dark room,
Let in the sunshine in full bloom,
Walk in a side lane or face the crowd,
Take a risk to conform your belief,
Be not jealous of competition around,
Fly freely with the dancing new leaf.
Dare to dream the impossible today,
Either you succeed or bounce anyways,
Dogs tails wagging, caterpillars crawling,
Butterflies fluttering or boats sailing
Give the needy and hungry some grain,
Walk the blind, nurse the hurt old in pain,
No act of compassion ever goes in vain,
Live in freedom not in any kind of strain.
Be brave in hostility,embrace in peace
You will be hated,accused and deceived
Be blissful and in holy grace anyway
Let’s be April fool for a day.



Sneha-(love) was a municipal sanitation worker,
Carrying piles of dirt on her small head,
Underpaid,undernourished,so feeble her frame,
She was already a mother, at fifteen she was wed.
Her husband is away to far-off fields working as a labourer,
All alone she maintains her family of four,
Two kids and an old mother in one room hut sleep,
The door is already broken, but roof intact, she doesn’t need more.
The greedy private contractors bribed and got the tender
She struggled for a job, when they made her unemployed,
The only earning member,she cannot join the strike,
She works as a maid in four houses, no choice she had.
She put her daughter in a free school and toils alone,
The toddler is with her mother, so peace at heart
Her life is in ruins crumbling to meet her daily expense
But her spirit is invincible and she will not fall apart. 



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