Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Adieu to winter, welcome spring
A beautiful season to begin
The lap of nature, pleasant weather
Captivating spring with rainbow colours

Flowers blooming everywhere
Perfuming the sky with fresh air
The splendour of beauty in nature
Showering serenity and pleasure

Winds whispering rhythmically
Cool breezes touching intimately
Birds singing and dancing joyfully
Butterflies flitting and fluttering

The presence of spring is a celebration
Bringing good havest in this season
Basking the labour of fruitful havesting
Happy smiley face is a blessing

Melodious music in the heart so soothing
Calm the mind with peaceful feelings
Relish the charms of nature in spring
Mermerizing splendour it could bring.



Winds blowing graciously, trees dancing
Branches singing in rhythm and swaying 
Nature dancing in rapturous delight
Sun tango in golden rays of light

Cotton clouds hovering and waltzing
Moon and stars, colours of the night glittering
Sunshine and fresh air in existence
Waves dancing in the vast ocean

Dance represents the culture of all nations
Customary way of life, religions and traditions
Dance and music blend beautifully
Creating every movement flexibly

Dance is a beautiful art of entertainment
Giving pleasure, fun and enjoyment
Dance rejuvenates body with energy
Energise and tone the body system, keep healthy

Dance calm the mind, alleviates stress of all kind
Move gracefully with every step, colour your life
As the lovely music plays rhythmically
Dance with your mind and soul blissfully.



The splendour of nature’s beauty
Delight us with its enchanting scenery 
Nature sings in divine harmony
Soul and mind in serenity

Glorious view from the hill
Sublime beauty, morning dew
Whispering winds caressing
Blowing delightful breeze, chilling

Children playing, jumping in delight
Doesn’t matter it is day or night
Pure young innocent mind
Oblivious of the responsibilities in life

My heart gleams in delight
Basking in sun golden light
Contentment and happiness
Stimulate the delight of senses.



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