ABAHN LETH (LE ANH) , true name Lê Thành Bá, was born in 1941 in Xuan An Village, Cho Lau Town, Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. Occupations: teacher, poet, writer. Chief Editor of Organization of Journal Cooperation & International Communication , Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Abahn Leth is one of the pioneers in modern times to take Vietnam Culture to the world. Abahn Leth wrote four long poems, “Say Hello to the World”, “Let the Future Tell the Truth”, “The Recalling Poems of Spring’s Night” and “Critical Remark About Abstract & so on” His work was hugely influential in shaping Vietnam culture and contemporary literature. Abahn Leth’s book of poetry : “The Journey towards Peace, Love and Happiness” was published in 2017. This work brought him the honor of becoming Co-President of the World Union of Poets (W. U. P), appointed by Silvano Bortolazzi and being an ambassador for World Institute for Peace with an award of World Icon of Peace, (Vietnam branch, dated 12 February 2018) , in recognition of his exemplary performances in promoting peace and humanitarian services through his profession.



I want to be
A puff of wind in flight
Blowing into her innocent deer’s eyes

I want to be
Drops of morning ‘s dew so good
Lightly to fall, softening her hair roots

I want to be
A silly person
Waiting for lotus frail heels of a beautiful woman.

I want to be
In the Samara realms with hope
To be immersed in worldly love.

I want to be
The moon of the 16th night of the month
Shining light through her window curtain

I want my dream
Like falls, is set
purpose to run into my heart as it rains in buckets.

I want she’d be
The lover of my desire,
My own soul realms of poetry forever…


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