Love is a constant season of fruition / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


Love is a constant season of fruition 

A raison d’etre –
Love ….being an immanent adoration
of the soul
the legends
of ever resurrecting seasons……

In the eyes of a newborn
crying without tears
the total surrender of a face
in prostration
as divine as red earth
as sacred as water
as free as wind
as ancient as fire……

An epiphany wading
through an inverted pool of water
in the thirst of a flickering desert
love is an endless emanation
of creation……

A pendant drop falls in a lake
silent when an aching beauty
cries into it craving to be known
from the heart of the circle
it begins to ripple
circle upon circle
an eye sees itself
through a thousand windows
where wildly banging shutters
broken and thrusting
by a breathless panting storm
noisily fall on their faces
shadows with no names……

Darkest courts
once entombed those curves
sinuous courses of a sweet body
contours upon a breathing rock
the length of marble
limbs suddenly awakened
unblinking in their reflection
in water intoxicated narcissi smile
calling them by their names……

Love is the divine grace
of an assertion of absolute beauty
where she is undressing herself
peeling her skin off
and like a new felt feeling she whispers –

“Now I have grown tears inside me
I am all yours from all eternity
my immortal…
I am giving into you
unearth me and find that entombed treasure waiting for you
for I have chosen you
now choose me….”

He collects her bones
carries her limbs on his shoulders
having worn her skin
leaving behind a pool of blood
where throbs a burning heart……
Love is the constant season of fruition…..

Copyright @ Santiago 2018

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