Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st


Still He Stands

Fingers wet,
Sharp like a sword,
As if whet
Faithful book
Handheld sky high
In moaning deep dock,
This devil’s chest,
Like the burdens,
He staggers with daggers,
The outsider’s trials,
Still he stands.

Fate beyond boiling point,
This unserved teacups,
Dreadful dread,
Canopied head,
Death sentence reads,
For his last breath,
Alone for the truth,
Still he stands.

Crowds’ cries cloud,
This outsider should admits
His uncommitted
Crimes premeditated
Lost before hearing,
Life’s on a weighing scale,
Blood of torture drops,
Tonight he joins
The eternal home,
Open and shut case,
His voice silenced,
His rights infringed,
Here he rests his case,
He stands alone
That stands for the truth,
Criminals win courts,
But they sadly lose cases,
Still he stands.


The Grave’s Dust

Clouds of dust
Smoking the space,
Silent cemetery
Empty tombstone,
The dead don’t die,
Risen to the sky
Where petals bloom
And nothing withers.

Weep not, woman,
The grave puffed dust,
And vomited your son out,
Look! The reaper is writhing,
Squirting waters from his eyes,
Dying a slow but sure death,
The death is impotent;
The temple built in three days,
Doubt if you’re a Thomas,
As the stone believes
And obeys to give the way,
For the son of man
Woke up from his nap
And kicked death in the rear,
Death is dead, no more sting,
The defeated villain in the ring.

The grave’s dust settled
Down the cosmos bed,
The Paradise lost regained,
The storm is but over:
Doubt if you’re a Thomas,
If you see, but doubt,
You see, but doubt.
Seeing is believing by eyes,
Believing is seeing by heart.



I need a bell to warn me
When your time is near;
I need a clock to chime
And say you’re at the corner;
I need a candle to burn
And light my dark way,
As I tread through darkness;
I need a book to write
My long dark stories;
All my childhood dreams
That got fatal accidents
On the road to nowhere;
Finally, I need a compass;
With those cardinal points:
North and South, West and East
Where the wisemen came from;
I don’t need more than I need;
In plain words I need a compass
To direct my lost feet,
And give me more hope
That I was lost but now found;
Some need beauty, but give me a heart,
A heart of understanding,
To know how to use
And use how to know my direction
Where I am heading to;
My heart is my king,
A man without a heart
Is like a boat without
A compass direction.

©Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st


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