Poems by S. L. Peeran

Poems by S. L. Peeran
When evil spread like virus and passions grew.
When right was wronged and justice denied.
When for a pint of milk a child wailed.
When the seal of chastity was broken and polluted.
When the sky was darkened with sins of man.
When the rivers of milk and honey stopped flowing?
Where was the promised mercy?
Of Vishnu, the avatar to descend down.
Pitiful eyes looked for heaven for mercy.
To rid cruelty and banish terror.
To soften the stony hearts to butter.
To enlighten the mind and soul.
To expand the horizons of wisdom.
To shower down mercy and compassion.
To rid the evil of all sorts.
Lo! The heaven thundered with lightening and sound.
Trumpeting the onset of glory and majesty.
To take birth in a humble Yadav family.
To nurture ‘Kamadhenu’, the Gauri
To milch milk, butter for whole universe.
To rid evil from every corner.
To bless keys to open treasure of heart.
To teach passionless, sexless love.
To shower on every Gopi, Bhakta
Ever grace, beauty, peace shanti,
Prema, ‘Jyoti’ to light every home.
Now the times are ripe my Lord!
My Mehdi, my Masiha my love,
My cherisher, my redeemer
To descend down to redeem the sins.
Emancipated bony Siddhartha in austerity,
Giving up sustenance, on mere grain of rice.
In deep meditation to seek release from suffering.
A damsel of rare beauty and youth
Offers him as biksha a morsel of food.
Out of compassion and grace he accepts it.
Then the flood light of wisdom dawned.
The cosmos opened with expanding horizons.
A white winged Angel on Pegasus
Did not arrive to enlighten Siddhartha.
His deep meditation, struggle from within,
Self enquiry immense austerity opened the gates
To enable him to pronounce the whole Truth,
Of Ahimsa, Karuna, abstinence,
Of eight fold paths of righteousness
To break the chain of rebirth to reach Moksha;
Nirvana and absolute peace.
Release from suffering to enjoy ever bliss.
Buddha’s message is to break rituals,
Superstitions and create bonds between man and man.
A long awaited Great man
Is a great disappointment
To the hungry weather beaten
Populace with gripping poverty.
Leprosy, with slavery around.
He was a humble unknown
Undescript carpenter
Without a foot ware or a comb,
Homeless, moving freely
With his home spun
Simple, humble teachings
“Turn your other cheek”
“Sell your shirt and feed the poor”
Many of his new gospel
Annoyed the Jewish priests,
Tax gatherers, usurpers.
They were inflamed.
Turned hostile to the Messiah,
Led him to crucify him.
Messiah disciples spread his words.
Through love and compassion,
Mercy, milk of human joys
Spread far and wide
Opening the hearts to Divine light.
Million bosoms were filled
With love, tenderness, blessings.
Now the times have changed
Freedom, liberty has ushered in.
Places of worship are deserted.
Hearts are empty, turned stony.
The Great man’s teachings
Turned to winds, to melt away.
iconic figure on cross
Dangling in chains around necks!
His statues erected.
But none with bare feet,
With overflowing compassion
To uplift humanity to grandeur.
(Poem based on Sufi, Buddhist, Jain and Vedanthic Philosophy)
Love calls for mutual adjustment
And deep respect for each other’s views.
Love is total submission to GREAT MASTER
And love is to please HIM.
In love there is no grievance, grouse or complain.
Just accept what is happening around cheerfully.
While ageing body withers and dissolves,
One need to accept the losing zest and zeal.
The creaky bones, the tasteless tongue,
The troubling bowels, the poor eye sight,
The lethargy, the forgetfulness.
The anxiety, the sleeplessness
Are signs of witheringness.
For inner light to glow and flow.
Bells of oblivion are ringing for me.
Reaching the horizons
The rainbows are visible on dark clouds
The cold freezing hands are about to touch me.
The past events corrodes my mind
With deep regrets and sorrows binding me.
My soul utters sighs and yearns for release.
I yearn for total peace, tranquility and solace.
Free from jeers, insults, worldly burdens.
Throw away the heavy Atlas on the shoulders.
Unborn tomorrow, dead yesterday,
Why worry about it when this moment be sweet.
Let me have sweet moments free from all.
No more anxieties, no more headaches.
No more worries, no more burdens.
No more questionings, no more pains.
No more injuries, no more complains.
Let all be gone, bygone be bygone.
O Soul, return to abode of peace
Leave this decaying body
And sorrowful world and greedy
And complaining dirty dozens in the mind.
Throw away the baggage on the shoulders.
With lasting love and memories
Let progeny live in peace and happiness.
I experience pain
With bitter thoughts
Depression, sorror and sadnes
For my joys and happiness
Has flown to oblivion.
Let me catch again those
Romantic moments
Those huggings and kisses
Those breathless stillness.
O love return to me
Those joys and lightness.
No more you need the myths
Of’ Moon eyed Hoories’
Of heaven of honey and milk
Of pain of burning abyss!
Which built the hopes
For better future on good deeds.
For hopes of Moksha
On acts of dharma.
No more you need
Religious spaces
For shared identities
For close bonds.
For peace to prevail
For tranquility to descend.
Now you need to break promises.
Tit for tat, eye for an eye.
No need for remorse, for repentance
No need of rivers to wash off sins.
How can I leave you?
Abandon you in this sickening place,
Leave you to fend for yourself
Amidst merciless, ruthless ones.
I will stand by you, defend you,
Conquer with all my might
The dirty dozen dwelling in and out
Of my selfish self centered self.
Enlighten with lightening swiftness
To subdue the evil ones
Troubling you, tormenting you.
My blessed ones single glance
Is enough for me to serve you
Till my last breath, dear me.
Believe me, trust me, my love
Is lasting for ever and ever.

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