CALM DOWN, BELOVED WORLD / Poem by Obella Stephen

Poem by Obella Stephen
Calm down, O beautiful world;
Unite, stand strong, powerful and bold!
Tell enemies to hate no more;
Nor fold faces like the saddened river-stream.
Those who hate, speedily walk backward:
When the peace makers step on, forward.
Let Museveni and Kony shake hands;
Smile with no weapons behind masked faces;
For war kills peace, and peace kills war.
Tell the sun to wrestle no moon,
Go on; tell the hungry cat to feast on no rat.
Calm down, calm down, beautiful world!
Order the stormy seas to calm down.
Smile by white teeth, red hearts
No more yellow teeth, nor black hearts.
Let love pass through our tiny veins,
Let peace go down our spinal cords:
One world, one open hand;
Different faces;
Same red blood cells, same colorless sweat.
Million churches, one small gate to heaven:
Fold no big fists, fight no more.

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