Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



I can’t live without it
It is a source of pleasure for me
It provides inner satisfaction in my pain 
It is greater than philosophy

Dignity of me and mine
It comes from heaven
Resides in my heart and soul
It is my life my real truth

It is only for mankind
It is my spirit of all knowledge
It gives verbal music to my soul
My soul dances on its rhythm
It is my destiny makes me noble
My sweet soft soothing music sound.



Poetry flows into my blood
it teaches me how to feel
in happiness and in pain
Some compose it for gain

I compose it for my heart
and soul’s hunger for peace
It solace me as a flame

Poetic devices are its juicy fruits
Sweet and bitter hidden in its roots
Like a garland of literature

Decide any poet’s bright future
I compose what I feel
It is long life beautiful reel.



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