Poems by  Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by  Ngozi Olivia Osuoha


(Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan)

From cradle, you were poor
That, never shut your door,
You strived through school
And came out finely cool,
You became a pure teacher
And not a dirty butcher,
Now a principled politician
And not a stinking mortician.
You are the BRAVEST

You are not a saint
Of course, no one is;
Not Judas with a kiss,
No matter the dark paint,
Your nature is calmness
Not timidity nor weakness
You are never a coward
Your dream for us; forward,
You are the NOBLEST

In presidency; the champion
Never chose to be a scorpion,
You are amazingly patient
A quality in others; latent,
They call it blindness
But the actual kindness,
Allowing room for repentance
Chasing the real substance,
You are the GREATEST

Plagued more than ‘Egypt’
Tied yet called corrupt,
Hate in work: camouflaged
Efforts keenly sabotaged,
Table turned and intoxicated
Understanding hardly complicated,
If change does not get us ‘drunk’
Then you can never be sunk
You are the BIGGEST

Your water was made blood
And your night; stormy flood,
Attacked by a swarm of locust
Your cloud foggy and dust,
Praised and yet betrayed
Supported but never portrayed,
Lauded; yet never received
Helped and finally deceived,
You are the STRONGEST

Write it on the cloud
Print it on purple gold
This wonder is too bold
Sound the timbrel loud,
You are a superhero
No pride, no ego,
An honourable gladiator
And incandescent radiator,
You are the BRIGHTEST

History calls you the transformer
Thank God; not a terrorist
Bravo!! never a sadist,
Dutifully a distinct performer,
The foundations you laid
Soon, you must be paid,
Though a world of prejudice
Posterity will give you justice;
You are the HUMBLEST

If you hated peace
War; you would grease,
If you detested Nigeria
Division; with criteria,
But still in your manner
You are no such planner,
Calling more for unity
Another brand of purity,
You are the HOMELIEST

Nigeria, you are great
Your voice keeps ringing
This move remains lingering
It will dry all your sweat;
Under the scorching sun
Rain, intimidation and gun,
Bent on bringing change
May it never be ‘strange’



Fill me to be full
Fortify me that I not fear,
Freshen me that I not faint
Fight for me that I follow
Fix me that I not fall
Fine-tune me that I not fail
Fan me that I be no FOOL.



Do not grip vanity with all your might, the world is a mere stratosphere, everything is floating.

When it happens, those who cannot take it, take their life.

When the bee of life stings you, it may heal, but the memory stings twice.

God does not avenge instantly. He does avenge, sure. Then it lasts for a lifetime.

People and forces fight tirelessly to smash your dreams, fight on.

Think not they would let you be, because they actually do not want you to be.

A forseen future is not guaranteed, work and walk around probabilities, till, except God does or let Him do otherwise.

Fear those who surround you, Judas kisses more passionately now.

Smoothness of the skin may not mean wellness, its roughness may equally not mean sickness.

Nothing humbles like trials.




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