SALUTE TO MARTYRS / Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
The Martyr’s mother
Sending him to school could be that maddening,
She didn’t realize it until it was all happening,
She had countless sleepless nights battling,
With her decision that resulted in blackening,
Her whole universe, her dreams, her gladdening.
Her stoned eyes were fixed at the opened door,
Which he left ajar behind his dying steps,
Promising not to return any more,
Her opened arms waited for his touch to restore,
But he went towards an unknown journey with his mentor.
The schools acknowledge securing a child’s future,
Teaching them about all the rules of a decent living,
But that pious institution was targeted by the horror,
And she was ignorant of the awaiting terror,
There were ravenous beasts lurking with the snare.
She was unable to tolerate the sight of blood,
But seeing everyone in that massive saddening flood,
Her flooded eyes became detached stones on losing her bud,
Who was lying slaughtered in front of her covered with blood,
All days and nights since then, she waits endlessly for his return from school,
To fill up her lap again with her stolen jewel.

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