From The Universe To Me / Poem by Jenayah Hela

Poem by Jenayah Hela
From The Universe To Me
Away from the universe and its mystery
I have still preferred to get lost in me
To embrace my wild heart, untamed soul
To run besides my mystifying whole
To see all laws of physics playing inside me
All the constellations, all stars, all galaxies
I am more than the universe that impresses me
For the answers to all my queries resides in me
I am the universe and all the love I am looking for
My dream will take me for a ride to my truest self to explore
I am diving in its deep waters and fathoms of its ocean
The secret river that runs through my veins is still full of unexploited emotions
Day after day the adventurer in me sails across a new region
From the universe to me I discover my trustful religion.
All rights reserved

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