Poems by Swapna Behera

Poems by Swapna Behera


The Magical Shadow

The Magical shadow dances
On debris or decks
On hilly hamlets or lagoons
Like a fish in water or on land

The Magical shadow
Swings like a sapling
Difficult to measure the growth
A dignity not in the body
but a feeling of a majestic queen

The magical shadow
selling balloons in the fair
Counting money and honey
At the end of the day

The magical shadow
Do you ever sleep or slip
as sand through the fingers ?
or may be you fight within
and merge all seasons
To fix a new season ——


I am vs I am not 

I am not a portrait
hung on your wall with dry flowers
I am not a memory to be recollected 
in the tea stalls or inside the four walls
I am not a cuisine
to be served with delicacies
I am not a blackboard
that you will write all subjects as you wish
I am not a grave
that you will visit once in a year with frankincense
I am not your shadow
that I will follow you
in summer and vanish in rain
I am not your pride
that you will hoist your flag with your Anthem

I am a pollen grain
With a huge life line
To sprout again and again
on every black board
to make it a portrait
to be served in every plate of the globe —

copy right @ Swapna Behera


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