Safet Hyseni

Safet Hyseni

Safet Hyseni-writer – Born: 17/03/1958 Zajaz-Kërçovë Macedonia

Literary work:

1996 – “Modern History”- poetry-Skopje
1998 – “The road with one address ” -Poetry Kërçovë
2007 – “Education and Albanian schools in Kërçovë ” – Kërçovë monograph
2007 – “The mass graves in the  Kërçovë and vicinity “- Kërçovë monograph
2009 – “Fate encrypted “- Kërçovë journalism
2010 – “Public kiss “- Tetovo, novel
Year 2011 “Dreamers of the Fatherland”- Tetovo, monographs on political prisoners in Macedonia
2011 – “Values ​​of  Kërçovë region ” -Tetovo, monographs
2011 – “Bride without ring” -Kërçovë novel
2012 – “Hunter beaches” -Tetovo, novel
2013 – “The Curse” Skopje- Novel
Year  2015- “Monstrum” -Tirana novel under the pseudonym Steven Harri.


When I’m not anymore
In the summer
Don’t look for me inside the trees
Follow the river
I’m hiding in those waved that never sleeps
When I reach the ocean I will be wiled wave
Tried to cover your body
and turn myself into one kiss only
In the fall
Don’t look for me through yellow leaves
Take a pomegranate and kiss it with your lips
I will be there inside that yellow,
Dying for you thirst
In the winter
When every thing stops
I am the flame of the fire looking for you
To warm your heart and soul
When I’m not anymore
Don’t look for me inside spoken words
or through your nest or any other
I even made home
I am your breath that you breathe
Will never be gone
will never be gone
I died myself inside of you
Be me tonight
Be me tonight
So you can feel the bitterness
of tonight’s darkness
Be me tonight
Maybe you will be able to forgive me and
turn the pain into the memory
Be me tonight
Lose yourself into the red wine
knock on my door
you will find me inside the power of the red
Be me tonight
Maybe one more time
we can enter the kiss of the past
I don’t …
I don’t want to melt by longing you
with my eyesight faraway to
I don’t want
To be a fragment of a love
Quenching fire with tears,
I don’t Want
The embrace silently dreaming
I don’ want happines
Just in a dream, living!

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