NNANE ANNA NTUBE is her birth name, her pen name, NNANE NTUBE. She is a Cameroonian, aged 28. She is a bilingual teacher (French and English), a holder of B.A in English Language and a B.A in Bilingual Studies from the university of Yaoundé 1. She is equally a holder of the Secondary and Higher School Teacher’s Diploma obtained from the Higher Teacher’s Training College Yaoundé 1. She is an advocate for peace and democracy, a poet, writer and as aspiring actress. Her poems are published in many magazines and journals.
Awed by silence
When silence frowns
The earth cracks
The dwellers tremble
The birds shrieked with fear
The leafs cover their ears on branches
Branches bury their mouths in the roots
Roots shamefully pull up their failing eyes
Who is who in this state?
When silence coughs,
Hearts beat
Mouths chillingly tremble
Legs sink to the ground
Eyes, as busy as bees
Who will take the blame?
When silence laughs
The sky cries
The atmosphere becomes alarming
Dwellers drink from cold hearts
And get drunk
Why not appease the dizzy soul?
We, no rules
School, books
These are cracking my mind
The drums play no good sound
Brain cells are freaking tired
Nostrils sweat and bleed
Eyes, no light spray
Suffocating in uniforms
Pull these buttons off!
This heat can skin someone alive
Can’t turn left or right
These rules my prison cells
The questions are so demanding
The sun wickedly burning
Brains working and freezing
Numbness spies on us all
Tear these strict pages!
We dream to walk with Blake,
Whitman or Ginsberg
Put us on the road with Kerouac
We know no definitions
Can’t solve your equations
Grammar rules we give a damn
Burst a hole in the bored walls!
The real exam is in the world
Here, we’re wasting precious time
After all, these rules are pretty fake.
No concord to what we’ll face
Spare us the Maths, Grammar,
Biology, Economics..,
Out there, you learn a true lesson,
Out there you get your new rules
Where definitions suit
The needs of hunting hearts.
Return —Not going further
I ran away from my father’s land
Hoping to find peace—Yes, he did promise me
Peace and love—But where are they?
I ran away from my father’s land
I ran hard and fast—I ran head hard—Heart drained
By its bleeding shore I slip—it can’t be the end of the road
I ran, I ran, on a hard stone I fell—Hard head—Hard heart
He didn’t drop a tears seeing my bruising legs
Ah! I knew all was gone—the land —the peace —the love
It was a peaceful land (at least peaceful on pages—)
The pissabed land —at the time, had pissed me off —I doubt if I took my heart with me
I didn’t run for pleasure
I didn’t run for leisure
I didn’t run just to catch the sight of my lover —I don’t think another lover exists out there
My love hails from my father’s land
My love had stayed behind
I ran with an emptied heart —the farther, the emptier
I ran to a no found love land
I left my father’s land of peace and love —I was pissed off, —guess I have to return
Love is a hard nut to crack —let me crack it in my father’s land
Peace is like a firefly rare to see —I’ll use this torch and search for it
Though the land bleeds and fades —I guess I’ll still find my place and face
My heart will be fat again
Oh the milk and honey from my mother’s chest!
My heart will be fat again
Oh the palm oil in the boreholes behind our hut!
My heart will be fat again
Oh the plume trees in our compound!
My heart will be fat again
Oh the dry warm of my people! —My return will heal my broken heart
Faced with the broken walls of the land —peace and love have put on a shadowy garment
My father’s land is naked —Who will tie mother’s loincloth round its waist?
Close the gates!
Close the doors!
Close the windows! —Only darkness can see our nakedness.
My escape has taught me a lesson —the neighbouring houses were on fire, even smoke couldn’t be seen.
Return and close your outlets!
Take not the smoke any further!

One thought on “NNANE ANNA NTUBE (Cameroon)

  1. Thank you very much for this post.
    It’s a pleasure being here with great writers from across the continents.

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