Poems by Qaisar Bashir

Poems by Qaisar Bashir
Qaisar Bashir, who hails from Bandipora, Kashmir, was born in 1988. He had a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Kashmir University. Once Upon A Time, a translation of a Kashmiri Novel, Akh Dour, by Bansi Lal Nirdous, published by Authorspress on January 01,2017, is his debut achievement. Besides it, he was awarded a certificate of appreciation by Criterion: An International Journal, for his poems: How I Shall Forget and Since Decades.
Aye Goddess April
Seventeen tulips
With a smile on their visages
Left tears – ah, how sad!
In our eyes and stung the hearts
Of their waiting mothers!
How cheerful a smile
Danced like golden butt’rflies
On their frozen lips!
Their immortal smile cut through
Our hearts; and we wept and cried.
Aye, Goddess April
Cruel and sadistic thou art!
Ah, what warm welcome!
Thou hath a crooked plot hatched
With Death to pluck tulips young!
Dear April, thou fooled
Us all again, though cautious
And alert we were
Of thy trickery – ‘April fool’;
Ah, thou won again, lost we!
Listen, O’ April!
We and our blooming tulips
Will still go on like
Time; and explode the Tyrant
Into shards, into nothing.
The Song
With a chisel
And a pot of snowy ink,
I shall soar
On a cherub’s wing
To scribble a song,
Not yet sung,
On the canvas of azure sky;
And the song
Shall guide you, O’ man
On the track
You have lost centuries back.
My Mission
With a mission
I shall go on
Unbarred as Time
To dust down
The blind regimes
Who drink but the blood
Of budding blossoms
My fertile garden grows;
And like a river
I shall flow
To sweep clean
The blood drenched streets
Of my crestfallen land
That people there
Shall live forever
A life
Sans crackdowns
Sans encounters.

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