SHADOWS – Dr. Jernail S Aanand / With critical Appreciation…by Cijo Joseph Chennelil)

Poem by Dr. Jernail S Aanand


(A POEM SET IN 2250)

A teacher asked a small school boy
To come to school
With a sample of clay.

This school was somewhere in America.

Next morning the boy said to the teacher…

I will show it next Monday?


I have placed an order on Flipkart
For ten capsules of clay
From India.

I need some water.
The teacher gave him
a small capsule of water.

There was a long bell.
Kids started heading for the hostel.
Then teachers too.

Nobody went to any home.
No one had come
To take anyone.

The whole young generation
Was parentless.
Brought up in govt nurseries.

No one married.
Had kids from sperm donation.
And I saw a weird sadness
Reigning all around.

What was missing?
I looked up.
Skyscrapers had dwindled
The sky
And the earth below was plastered with plastic.

I went to a wonderful patch
Of glowing flowers.
When I tried to touch them,
A message appeared

Don’t touch.
They are only an illusion.
Even the water flowing from water falls
Was an illusion.

Shocked I touched an attendant
Standing nearby
To confirm..
he too was not Maya.

What was I? Was I still alive?
How come I dragged
Into two centuries ahead?

You too are a shadow sir
The attendant said.
What were those kids?
All shadows.

I too am a shadow.
And he vanished leaving me dumbfounded and waiting to disappear.



Dear Jernail Sir,

Your poem titled”Shadows(A Poem Set in 2250)”is a poem that unfolds the real state of this world in the year 2250,yes,then it will be a world of artificial intelligence,virtual reality and robotic dissemination from A to Z,even for a simple task,human beings tend to depend upon technological overkill,a peculiar story that is narrated at the initial phase of this poem related to the excessive use of technology in our lives is that when a teacher gave the instruction to a school boy to bring a sample of clay,this school in which,the boy studied was situated in the landscape of America,the instruction of the teacher was responded to by the boy in the next morning saying that it would be shown on Monday,why was such an answer given by the boy?,afterall,it was not very difficult to bring the sample clay from the backyard of the boy’s home,it is because,today everything is outsourced and all purchases are made through commercial websites such as Amazon and Filpkart,no creativity is promoted in today’s world,everything is manufactured and engineered in an identical manner without respecting genuinity and authenticity,due to this trend prevailing in our society only,the boy placed an order for ten capsules of clay on Flipkart to be bought and brought from India,here even the entire learning system is put into small capsules and fed into the children,the picture of a society of systematic nature is described here with its soul being deprived to the core,it is a society of mechanical,artificial and highly automated nature with no spontaneity to boot,an industrial scale educational system is promoted here with everything being made available under one roof or umbrella,the society is only interested in the production of kids through non biological ways,so this children are literally parentless,the sperms and eggs donations do make births as part of the marketisation stranglehold,even today young people keep their sperms and eggs in frozen conditions in egg and sperm banks to be used later when their potency and fertility decline to a level of no return,as a result of lack of credible families with father,mother and kids,people experience acute sadness and despondency,to make matters worse,the earth has become a wasteland of plastic materials scattered everywhere,these plastic materials occupy all the conceivable spaces here on the Mother Earth,even a garden of flowers does have surprises in store for us human beings,all the flowers,flora and fauna in the world have attained an illusionary dimensionality,even human beings are in a world of mesmerisation and illusion to a large extent,gradually the world has become a place of utter unrealities,by 2250,the world will be caught up in the quagmire of illusion,artificiality,pretentious mode,mechanical ways,robotic existence and virtuality.Kudos to you for composing such a futuristic poem of outstanding nature Dear Jernail Sir.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil Kuravilangad.All Copyrights Reserved@On 3rd April 2018.

All rights reserved @2018


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