Obella Stephen ( Uganda)

Obella Stephen ( Uganda)

Obella Stephen is a Ugandan poet, lyricist, stage performer. He was born in Eastern Uganda, Amuria District on 16th Feb, 1996. Obella started writing as a means of healing from emotional turmoil in that had distablised him after his Dad was poisoned to death, and later on after the death of his poor mother. He has been published in various anthologies, magazines, and News papers within Africa, Asia and America. HOWEVER, Obella has written a joint, unpublished novel, ‘STRUGGLE TO SEE LIGHT’ with Onoko Isaac exposing the wars in Teso Region, and the torturing impact of street life on deserted, innocent African children. Thus, he is looking for any Good Samaritan in any corner of the universe to help him publish that novel.



Tell the King of Rats,
To swing no long tail above its ugly anus;
To brag nomore; and swell nomore:
Ugly rats have no tails, beautiful rats have tails;
Man’s ugliness needs tails, man’s beauty no tails:
Opalakiro; warn the King of rats,
To chase nomore small rats;
The King of rats, is a cat’s slave:
However big a rat is; it is a cat’s meal,
Eaten by blood mouthed cats.
Remind the greedy rat to tame its appetite;
To possess no lengthy intestines,
Gluttons don’t eat to live; they live to eat:
Opalakiro; you are close to the big Rat,
Let it raid my grass thatched granary nomore,
It shall kick the nimbus clouds;
By poison or wire-made trap;
Sit down the red eyed stubborn rat;
Warn it by a longer finger,
Not to eat my cracked feet
Leaving me limping, limping, limping!
Tell it in simple words
To blow no cold air under my heels
Or raid my flesh by long teeth!
Let it creat no holes under my cowdunged floor;
Or dance, dance, dance again:
For I bought a sharp clawed cat from Wera.



Life is a beautiful rose
Growing on a lonely island.
Precious morning dew-
That hangs on its petals
Sweetens the nose,
It dreams of everlasting life.

Life is a sailing ship
In the middle of an ocean.
Sometimes, angry waves
Turn, twist and shake life
Sometimes, the silent storm calms.

Life is a soft music
From the strings of the guitar,
It makes you smile
Like sunshine.
Sometimes, makes you go sad.
O, how painful it is!
That sweet music deafens the ear.

Life is a galaxy of stars
Glittering in the sky,
So, I sit and count stars in the night
Some dim, some bright,
Some shall fall down.

Life is a yellow leaf,
Falling in a slow motion
Upon the bare ground,
Where all beauty decays.
Once a green leaf, now fading out.
How sad to see it falling down!

Life is a walk on a strange road,
We know where we came from,
But not where we are going.

We are all beautiful roses;
Some yellow, some red.
Lovely by the moon light
But shall die by sunlight.
All that glitters,
Fades away to dust.



When in the last moment,
I close these open eyes
And follow the black road
That leads into darkness.
When I turn my back,
And bid the world goodbye.
When the final wind
Blows down flames that burnt bright
And all you see laying on the ground
Is a pile of weightless ash.
Weep not, weep not!
Cry not, cry not!
When I die.

When I die,
Drown me in a river
Whose stream leads
To where the great souls lay.

When my own shadow
Stabs me in the back,
When the claws of death
Beckon my soul
And I can resist nomore;
Burry me not in a bed of roses,
Beautiful roses fade away.
Sing for me a sad song,
Write for me a sad poem
Of a fallen hero
Whose name shall still live
Even if he had to leave.

When I cry on my death bed
For a chance
To live again,
Yet the wheels of time
Roll nomore on my road of life.
When I cannot rewind
The forward moving hands of the clock,
Burry my body, but not my name
Let it be spread to the world
Like seeds on a fertile garden,
Turn my voice on a radio
When I die.



Spread up
Your wings
To the top sky
And once fly away
Far, far, far away
Like a dove in the wind
Forget the world that hurt you
Pick up your broken soul from the ground
And spread your wings to fly away
Sailing and sailing on and on
With your strongest might.
You are the most bright
Th emost shinning star
That hangs forever
In the upper sky
So, go fly

Rise, rise
And go higher
From the ground
Penetrate the clouds
Bend the roaring winds
With your large, flexible wings
Let your soul flame with powers
And take you beyond the sky horizons
To stay with the moon and stars
To sit on your golden throne.
Those who broke your heart
Made you to spread wings
On your own self,
So fly today
Away, Away
Up, Up



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