Poems by Edmond Shallvari / Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola

Poems by Edmond Shallvari
Our metamorphosis
To me a wrinkle was added, mystify?!
A grey hair to you was added again?
But still in love you and I
Like in the time our love began.
Thicker optic glasses for me to see ?
You grew a year older in age?
But still beautiful you seem to be
There is beauty in every stage.
To me was added another complaint?
You added a “no!” in our bed?
For the next night I have to wait
I know for me you wait ahead.
Another longing was added to me?
You had another dream to add?
Then what! let’s call it a variant to be
That once began, never to end.
A lass Name
They were curls of a strange dream
They were dreams of a common night
Curls that gave my mind a gleam
For those eyes I was mad at sight.
Green eyes never gazed at me
Took me to paradise leas
Paradise never had such lea
Her eyes created the Hyades.
Name, surname I called myself
Whether among images and dreams
Close to me came a real sylph
Life must have fairytale streams.
I must say, curly life’s no blame
In the green, life best abides
If my life took a lass name
Love for you another name hides.
Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola

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