Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma


For You

If you wanna keep me
In your arms

I am a gift of God
For you

If you wanna lost me
In a crowd

I m’a history or a story
For you

But no one can stop
My tears

I know its a drop of water
For you

My wandering eyes
Searching you

In this wild world
For you

You don’t know how much
My love for you.


Missing a lot

All beauties
Of love in vein
When you left
Me in pain
You haunt
Me in dreams
What to do
With memories
And tears
Nights are rare
To sleep and
Dreams are
Stolen for long
Missing you a lot.


My passion

To live in love
I prefer music
It expresses
Which can’t
Be put into
My words and
Which is not possible
To keep me silent
And lyrics sang by me
Is my own story
No one can separate
Me , my love ,
My words and
My life dancing
On rhythm of
Live music
Which is best food for me and
For my broken breaths.



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