Poems by Rajdeep Chowdhury

Poems by Rajdeep Chowdhury
I Live…
I survive the night on the darkness I drew from your fading day
I veil the darkness I drew with the murky clouds flapping away
I sense the clouds on my nerve amid apiece fleeting instant
I attempt to clasp on to apiece fleeting instant not too distant
I yearn to be taciturn amid the intensity of urban lifetime
I cease outrageous urban outpouring with fleeting time
I feel absent amid the opulence of societal countenance
I endure to be optimist, adhering to the very quintessence
I strive to plunge in perpetual endurance
I live to contest for amity in sustenance
I live… I do… I live…
Spring: Season of Adore
Bienvenido…. Spring is now
Spreading aroma of optimism
Amid a tinge of unsullied tow
Packed with bliss and hedonism
Ushering soggy whiff of yearning drizzle
With blend of thunder and sunshine
Melodic chirping of soaring birds tinkle
As leisurely blooming daffodils affine
Conforming as season of adore and majesty
Thriving to outshine apiece contender
Ensuring cologne of sparkle and novelty
Wrapped up in adore engrossed with fervor
Spring it on and live it large
Gracias…. Connoisseur of poise
On season of adore for relentless urge
Avowing the plunk amid fleeting voice
© Rajdeep Chowdhury

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